Bible Study at West Angeles

Do you want a deeper understanding of the word of God? Do you want to experience spiritual growth for your family?  If so, then West Angeles has a variety of Bible Study options each week to help you and your entire family create a stronger relationship with the Lord:


PRAYER AND BIBLE STUDY – 7:00 PM – This is an excellent resource for those who desire to know more about God’s will for their lives through Bible study.  Also known as the “Prayer and Bible Band”, it’s the longest-running Bible study in the Church of God In Christ’s history.

North Campus Multi-purpose Building, Rooms 1, 3, and 5.

THROUGH THE BIBLE, BOOK BY BOOK – 7:00 PM – Through the Bible is the Bible study of the Discipleship department, which gives you a comprehensive understanding of the roots and meaning of each book of the Bible.

West Angeles Crystal Room, North Campus.

YOUNG ADULTS – 7:00 PM – The West Angeles C.R.E.W.’s  Tuesday Night Bible Study seeks to be a biblical ministry that edifies, comforts, and empowers Young Adults to become mature believers in Christ Jesus. It is a place where you can experience Godly fellowship and concern for one another in a relaxed atmosphere.

West Angeles Performing Arts Theatre.


PASTORAL TEACHING 7:00 PM Learn more about the Word of the Lord from our pastor, Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr., or through anointed guest pastors from around the globe.

North Campus Sanctuary.

BIBLE STUDY FOR TEENS – Our Bible study for teens addresses some of the issues in society today which our youth are confronted with. Teens can learn about the word of God in a safe space. 7:00 PM – West Angeles Youth Center.

BIBLE STUDY FOR CHILDREN – 7:00 PM – Our children’s Bible study, also known as “The Sunshine Band”, teaches concepts of the Bible including the love of God and God’s Son, Jesus. It also teaches rules of ministry and scriptures that provide a foundation for understanding faith, love, grace, and salvation, and provides practical precepts for living holy and productive lives. Meaningful and wholesome activities such as music, Bible study, drama, arts and crafts, field trips, and special worship services, guide our youth into the principles of godly living. Our hope is to build a partnership between home, school, and church; providing a spiritual foundation and additional resources for each child to build their lives upon.

North Campus Multi-purpose Building, Rooms 1, 3, and 5.