Feel Like You‘re About to Break? Here’s What to Do

Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. gives us a lesson in archery, and how it may hold the key to soaring through trials.

Sometimes affliction in your life is like an archer’s bow. The archer pulls the bow back; he pulls it further back, and further back. The archer seems as if he’s about to break it, but just before it reaches its breaking point, the archer releases the arrow, and the arrow soars farther and higher than imagination can conceive because of the stress on the bow.

The reason God is stressing you, pulling you beyond your limit, and it seems He about to break you is because, after a while, the arrow of your destiny is going to be released, and God is going to take you higher than you’ve ever gone before.

When the devil strikes you, keep on praising Him.

When the way is rough, keep on praising Him.

When the burden is heavy, keep on praising Him.

Jesus the Son of God is our example. Because he humbled Himself, God took Him higher than He’d ever gone before.

Life might crush you down, but I see you coming up! Be a “Hallelujah anyhow” person when the Lord stresses you.

Just start praising God!

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES – Philippians 2:5-11, 4:13.

Adapted from the sermon,Greater Blessings for Greater Afflictionsat West Angeles Church of God In Christ, 7/12/2015. The entire sermon is available HERE, at West Angeles Gospel on Demand.

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