Bishop Matthews: World Missions Sunday

West Angeles World Missions

West Angeles welcomed Bishop Vincent Matthews on World Missions Sunday 2015, concluding the 20th Annual World Missions Conference.

Bishop Vincent Matthews has been appointed by Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake as the President of the International Missions Department of the Church of God in Christ worldwide. Bishop Blake described Bishop Matthews’ appointment as “the most significant of my appointments” during his eight-year tenure as Presiding Bishop, and says he is honored to have Bishop Matthews “serve the church, and to lead the missions strategy of the Church of God In Christ, literally all over the world.”

Bishop Matthews delivered a lively, inspiring, and often humorous Word for World Missions Sunday titled, “What Happens After Your Ox Stumbles,” but before the start of the sermon, he asked the congregation, “How many people here are in ministry? How many people are missionaries? What if I tell you that we’re all in ministry?” He went on to say that Bishop Blake has been called to equip the church to “go out and do the ministry, and when we do that, phenomenal things happen.”

Bishop Matthews’ chief goal for his own life is to hear God say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Some of our favorite moments from his sermon follow:

“Maybe I’m old school, but I come from the school that [says], ‘If there’s trash that’s stinking, you don’t cover it up…you get it out!’”

“I didn’t come today with a ‘Febreeze’ message to…make you feel good, but I came to move some things out so that we can be free and do what God has for us to do!”

“I don’t want to come to church and make sure I look good and everything’s good but still, the root cause of situations are still there.”

“My prayer is that when you leave here today there will be a shift in your paradigm and in your methodology in how we serve God.”

“You may have lost everything in your life…You may not have a lot of things in your life, but as long as you have the glory…!”

“You may not like my suit, my tie may be cheap, you may not like what I have, but you know what? I have some things that money cannot buy. The glory of God; the anointing of God upon your life is priceless!”

“If I don’t have the glory, I have nothing.”

“You can’t buy the glory at the mall. You can’t order the glory online. Glory comes in a different way.”

“They have shoes, upon shoes, upon shoes, but they’re going nowhere!”

‘When the glory of God becomes a priority, you become God’s priority.”

“He calls sinners to come. He calls Christians to go.” – Bishop Vincent Matthews

“We’re so busy coming to church, we forgot we’re called to be the church.”

“You are the church! You are the salt! You are the light!”

“They had music, but no anointing; praise, but no worship; having church, but God is not there.”

“When we become familiar with God, we get in trouble.”

“I don’t want to get to the point where I’m used to God.”

“The Word of God is alive. It’s sharp.”

“Another reason we get familiar with God is because the media, the culture, the university is telling us that there is no God.”

“You don’t even need a Bible to know that there’s a God. Give me a science textbook!”

“Have you ever been angry with God? He didn’t do what you wanted Him to do…but thank you God for the prayers you did not answer; thank you God for the doors you closed.”

“He took me from a girlfriend to a virtuous woman.”

“I’m going to agree with Your Word, and what You say, I will be.”

“God hides His Blessings in situations that nobody else wants…and He will use you to make you into somebody that everybody wants.”

”There are some folks waiting to watch your dream die. There are some folks waiting to watch your children die. There are some folks waiting to watch your situation die. But the devil is a liar. You’ve got to declare out of your mouth, ‘I shall live and not die. Whatever I face, it will be to the glory of God!”

“I’m not in this to die: I’m in this to rise!”

“Whatever looks bad in your life, you need to declare, ‘I’m being set up for an upgrade!’”

“You ever felt like, ‘Why am I here?’ and God is saying, ‘Why not you?’”

“You could be at the place where you saw other people fail. You saw your momma and them fail; you saw your uncle and them fail; you saw your neighbors fail. And you begin to think that same thing’s going to happen to you. But you’ve got to believe, ‘What happened to them won’t happen to me.'”

“You’ve got to ask, ‘God, can you take me further? Can you take me to college where nobody else has been to college? Can you make my marriage work where nobody in my family’s been married? You’ve got to take the next step! Tell somebody, ‘Take the next step!’”

“If God can take me six steps, He can take me 6,000 steps!”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES: 2 Samuel 6:1-6 Ephesians 4:11-12, 2 Timothy 3:5, Psalm 14:1, Psalm119:71, Isaiah 55:8, Romans 4:17.

Bishop Vincent Mathews serves as Senior Pastor of the Tabernacle Church Of God In Christ in Ivory Park, Johannesburg, South Africa. Under his leadership, the church has grown from six members to over 1,600 active members, and now has 26 ministries, including Tabernacle Christian Academy. He became a full-time COGIC missionary in South Africa in 2004, he has authored six books, and has served in numerous capacities for the denomination, including Jurisdictional Secretary, Regional Superintendent and member of the National Board of Missions. He was consecrated to office of Bishop in 2014 for the Church of God in Christ, and was appointed President of the International Missions Department of the Church Of God In Christ in 2015.

Bishop Matthews received a BA from Wayne State University; an MA from the advantage and became a Fulbright fellow of African Language at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. He and his devoted wife of 17 years, Sharon Matthews, have 10 children.

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