Bishop says ‘Break Free – Don’t Go Back to Herod’ in Latest Sermon

Then, being divinely warned in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed for their own country another way – Matthew 2:12

Bishop Charles E. Blake most recently shared the story of the events surrounding the miracle of Jesus’ birth in Matthew 2 in his sermon called “Break Free – Don’t Go Back To Herod.” Bishop told the story allegorically, revealing how each element in the story is symbolically present in the lives of all human beings today: the soul and the spirit; sin and Satan.

Prior to the sermon, Bishop announced that on December 14, the second Sunday in December, West Angeles and the entire Church Of God In Christ family is joining in solidarity with Christians around the world, and all who demonstrate against police brutality in observance of Black Lives Matter Sunday during the 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. services.

He shared sobering statistics from the progressive news service website regarding police brutality against African American men:

• Every 28 hours, a Black man is killed in the United States by a policeman

• 43 percent of those who are killed are killed after an incident of racial profiling

• 22 percent of those who are killed are suffering from mental health issues

He ended his sermon amidst the thunderous praise of the congregation, imploring all of us to reach out to God, to do His the Will by breaking free from sin; and to praise God in all circumstances.

Some of our favorite moments from last week’s sermon:

“The key elements in the life of every individual is present in this narrative, and contains each of the main components of your life.”

“Every good thing God tells us to do, the flesh pulls us in the opposite direction.”

“For every righteous commandment in the bible, there’s an opposing inclination in the flesh.”

“Your physical body and your fleshly nature will pass away, but your spirit and your soul will live on forever.”

The flesh has no legitimate right to control your destiny. – Bishop Charles E. Blake

“When you are somewhere you know you are not supposed to be, it’s hard to relax; it’s hard to be happy.”

“There’s always unrest and confusion when the flesh rules in the life of the individual…You must not serve it: it must serve you.”

“Old folks used to sing a song that said, ‘Don’t let the devil ride; if you let him ride, he’s gonna guide, so don’t let the devil ride!'”

“When the flesh is in charge, it always makes a mess!”

“The soul is controlled and manipulated by Herod…and when the soul is dominated by the flesh, it bends toward the things of the flesh.”

“When the flesh gets troubled, the soul gets troubles also. But when the spirit is in charge, the flesh may get upset, but the spirit and the soul are cool and calm…and determined to walk in the way of Almighty God.”

“The wise men and the shepherds represent the human spirit. It is the spirit that responds to God and reaches out for God.”

“The flesh reaches out for whatever it can get: fun, happiness, joy, fulfillment, pleasure, money, wealth, excitement – but the spirit reaches out for Almighty God.”

“If you want to live you better listen to the spirit!”

“The flesh thrives amid the hustle and bustle of life…but spirit functions best when you shut out the noise of the world.”

“Listen: you might go high, you might go low; you might follow the flesh to the sin capitals of the world: but your spirit will keep on yelling out ‘I need the king’!”

“The more the flesh pulls, the more you ought to worship, and the more you ought to praise! Help me praise the Lord in this place!”

“Notice how desperately your spirit yearns to find God and to worship God. The wise men … bypassed all the things that the flesh and the soul were attracted to, so they could get to The King.”

“When you want get to The King, you have to say ‘no’ to the devil. You’ve got to say ‘yes’ to God and ‘yes’ to the Holy Ghost!”

“The baby Jesus represents the Godhead; He represents the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, and the coming of Jesus to the earth was an event of spectacular significance.”

“God injected Himself into the bloodstream of humanity through Jesus Christ, and reversed the deadly stream of events!”

“When Jesus came to the earth, it was a happy time…the shepherds were happy…the wise men were happy; the angels were happy: but those who were not happy were those who were tied to the kingdom of the devil.”

The flesh is always unhappy when God shows up. – Bishop Charles E. Blake

“The more you praise; the more you worship…the devil will always cut up and try to throw pitfalls and obstacles in your way, but listen: praise him anyhow! Hallelujah!”

“Things never turn out the way the flesh intended. All your flesh intended was a moment of fun, but before it was over, your marriage was destroyed; your career was destroyed; your savings were destroyed; your house was destroyed; your family was destroyed; your future was destroyed… when it was over, you had lost everything.”

“There’s a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”

“God gives up on people when they reject His love. Child of God, don’t reject God; don’t give up on God: because if you give up on Him, God will sometimes give up on you.”

“This is a crisis. It’s a crisis when men love darkness; it’s a crisis when they cannot see, and cannot find their way. And Jesus said I am the light of the world; if you follow after me, you’ll not walk in darkness.”

“Spiritual folk: reach out for God!”

“The key to all of this is the spirit of man has got to go to the spirit of God. When the wise men went to Jesus, they broke free from Herod. They broke free from the control of the flesh. I believe they went back home different!”

“He who the spirit sets free is free indeed.”

“If you know what God has done, Praise Him!”

SCRIPTURE REFERENCES – Matthew 2:1-12, Romans 8:7, Romans 1, John 3:19 Proverbs 14:12 Romans 8:1

Please join West Angeles Church of God in Christ for BLACK LIVES MATTER SUNDAYDecember 14, 2014, 8 a.m and 11 a.m. services

Bishop Blake and the men of the congregation will gather at the altar in a moment of prayer for sustenance and protection. All are asked to wear black in observance of the day.

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