Breast Cancer Awareness

Despite impressive advancements in the early detection and treatment of cancer, the disease still costs the U.S. $228 billion each year in medical costs and lost productivity. Each year, cancer still claims more than half a million lives and inflicts incalculable physical pain and emotional distress on cancer patients and their families, according to the Susan G Komen Alliance. Breast Cancer Awareness Month  is a collaboration of national public service organizations dedicated to early detection and prevention of the disease.

Although male breast cancer is rare, we certainly don’t want to over look that. There are advocacy groups like Out of the Shadow of Pink, A Man’s Pink, and the Brandon Greening Foundation for Breast Cancer in Men.

West Angeles will host it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Service second Sunday, October 13th for the 8AM, 11AM and 7PM evening services for resources against the disease and personal testimonies of cancer survivors.

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