Evangelist Joyce Rodgers’ Prophesy for 2015: The Year of Answered Prayers

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EVANGELIST JOYCE RODGERS “took the brakes off” to deliver a Spirit-filled prophetic word on New Year’s Eve for West Angeles Church Of God In Christ’s Watch Night service.

Evangelist Rodgers prophesied over the congregation, declaring that 2015 shall be a year to see God at His best.

“He wants to put you on display and show the cosmos,” Evangelist Rodgers preached, “and amongst the people who say ‘It cannot be done!'”

The dynamic Evangelist Rodgers is Chairlady of the International Youth Department of the Church of God in Christ, and founder and CEO of Primary Purpose Ministry, Inc.

Some of our favorite quotes follow:

“2015 is the year of answered prayers.”

“God is about to rearrange some things so you can be Blessed!”

“He’s about to accelerate your miracle!”

“He will give you power and authority to silence the enemy.”

“For the remainder of the night, I need you to ask God for whatever!”

“Access is approved!”

“God expects you to ask Him…Take the brakes off!”

“I was waiting on somebody else to show up that never showed up, but just when I needed Him the most, He stepped in.”

“Just when I was gonna sink into depression, He stepped in and said, ‘Weeping may endure for a night!’”

“2015 is the year of answered prayers!” – Evangelist Joyce Rodgers

“God wants you to ask Him to meet all of your needs.”

“When asking Him, we would be wise to ask in agreement with others.”

“This is your year to really connect with the right people.”

“Disconnect [from] all the joy-stealers; all the vision-robbers; all the haters.”

“If you weren’t there for my midnight, don’t be hatin’ on my morning!”

“I need some celebrators, not haters!”

“You gotta get with somebody who knows how to pray!”

“I’m talking about some people who can say ‘Help!’ when I’m in trouble. Can I get somebody to say ‘Help?’”

“The Lord will put in your heart what to desire: so when you pray, He doesn’t hear you, He hears the echoes of His own voice.” – Evangelist Joyce Rodgers

“Our problem is, we’ve been coming into agreement with some people who can’t handle our vision.”

“Where any two are gathered in His name – now check this out – you don’t have to be in church…you can be on public transportation, in your car, on your job…All I need is somebody to hook up with me that knows Jesus!”

“When any two or three of you get together in His name… heaven gets busy.”

“I release in this house faith to enforce your victory; faith that will allow you to speak things in the atmosphere.”

“I might not have evidence, but I have confidence!”

“Do I have anybody here asking and believing that it’s already done?”

“Walk through your house and say, ‘Whatever the prayer request is for me and my house …we declare and decree that it’s already done!’”

“God told me to tell you that not only will this be a year of answered prayer, it shall be a year of undignified praise!”

“I dare you to ask!”

“You made it through 2014… If God kept you then, he will keep you now.”


SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES – 1 John 5:13-14, Isaiah 65:24, Phillipians 4:19, Psalm 37:4, Matthew 18:19-20, Psalm 30:5, John14:13

To view this entire service and many more, please click here to order West Angeles Gospel on Demand.

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