Evangelist Woodson Reminds WestA of Power to Overcome in 2015

It’s been over a year since West Angeles has hosted one of its favorite visiting pastors, Reverend Harold Woodson. He graced the pulpit this Sunday in a message inspired by 1 Chronicles 29:3:

3 “Moreover, because I have set my affection on the house of my God, I have given to the house of my God, over and above all that I have prepared for the holy house, my own special treasure of gold and silver.”

Reverend Woodson began his relationship with Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake and West Angeles Church of God In Christ over 45 years ago. In a look back to the 1960s, he reminded the saints of the church’s humble beginnings, and of the power they’ve summoned in the past to overcome and triumph over the many obstacles they’ve faced, even in building the great edifice of the cathedral on a plot of land where only a revival tent formerly stood.

“The greatest leader that I’ve known in the church of Jesus Christ is your Bishop, Charles E. Blake,” said Reverend Woodson. “He praised Bishop Blake’s consistency as a man of God, and his adherence to the Word of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

He also remembered the first time he heard the musical ministry of Pastor Andrae Crouch in 1967.

“We heard a sound that white people had not heard in gospel music,” Reverend Woodson said. “He never sleeps; He never slumbers’; ‘The blood will never lose its power. Through it all, I learned to trust in God’… [The music transcended] the lines of Black and white and gender. We will never be the same because of it.”

Reverend Woodson reminded West Angeles of its power as a congregation and as a people to persevere, and to remember to pave the way for others in the future.

Some of our favorite quotes from his sermon include:

“According to the Jewish calendar, 2015 is the year of breakthrough…moreover, you and I are to declare that this is the year of our breakthrough!”

“We must be prepared to answer the call of God for whatever, wherever, and however He wants us to follow.”

“We are going to see the greatest year in the history of this church”.

“It is a mindset. I, on purpose, set my attention to the things of God.”

“If I set my affection on God’s house, God has no choice but to set his affections on my house. Anybody here need a miracle in your house?”

“It doesn’t matter what kind of plans the devil has made, God will turn that thing around for you.”

“Do you remember where God brought you from?”

“How does your house look today compared to how it was 20 years ago? Has God been good to you?”

“My grandmother lived in a house that was never painted…You would call my grandmother ‘poor.’ But my grandmother was actually rich…We forget how good God’s been to us. We forget that if it wasn’t for the Lord on our side, what would we do? Where would we be?”

“In the beginning of this year, a bunch of you need to be reminded that everything you have is not yours…The reality is everything you have belongs to God.”

“God says, ‘I want you to learn to slide your hand into the glove of covenant with me.'”

“You don’t make 100 percent of your money. You make 90 percent so you can tithe the first fruits!”

“What does it mean for God to give you a breakthrough?  What does it mean for God to turn things around in such a way that you cannot deny [Him]?”

“How can I forget what He’s done for me? How can I forget how He set me free? Some of you God has delivered from stuff you didn’t even know you had!”

“Has anybody here been blessed?”

“Why do bad things happen to good people? Well, I can help you.  There was a fall in the garden, and the world’s been messed up ever since.”

“God sent His only begotten Son. The blood will never lose its power. It’s as real to you today as it’s ever been.”

“Some of you have got high in society; some of you have gotten rich; some of you have been blessed. Have you forgotten where God brought you out of?”

“When you remember where God brought you from, God will show you how to go the rest of the way.”

“Do you understand that God can make people who don’t even like you, bless you?”

“I hope to God the day never comes when you just hear ‘I have a dream’ and not think about it. Somebody paved the way.”

“Your Momma paved the way, your Daddy paved the way, your Granddaddy paved the way…Now, God wants you to pave the way for somebody else.”

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