Bishop Blake preaching at the cathedral

Family Life Center Reveals Mission Statement

What a blessing it is to work and expand the God-given vision of Bishop Charles E. Blake, and through the Grace of God, West Angeles Church is endeavoring to build the Family Life Center.

This two-structure annex and parking garage – located behind the Cathedral – will expand the South Campus so that the entire West Angeles family can be housed on one campus for Worship, academics, work and volunteerism.

What an exciting time in the Life of the West Angeles!

The groundbreaking of the Family Life Center is scheduled to take place in December of this year. But long before a single shovel pierces the soil, there will be life and strategy infused into this edifice.

Today, we want to share a key foundational piece in the direction of the Family Life Center: the Mission Statement. 

The West Angeles Family Life Center will serve as a spiritual center to uplift, engage the diverse cultures and age groups of our community and world by providing services, promoting health, wellness, and sustainability to the family unit, and by providing our youth access to programs that will educate, mentor, and inspire success.

The Mission Statement was developed by the Property Expansion Committee and our very own Earl Jordan. It was created to set a focus and foundation for programming and services that the FLC will provide to the West Angeles family and the larger Crenshaw community.

From the onset, the Family Life Center must be space for all ages to engage in services, spirituality and culture. Our mission statement reflects this fact. Furthermore, it is a declaration to the world of the programmatic standards we will uphold, standards which should proliferate the thinking and planning of every group, department and ministry that will inhabit the space.

And of course, these are standards that our community and parishioners should hold our church to!