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UPDATE: Family Life Center Scheduled to Begin Construction in December 2020

The Specs

The groundbreaking for the West Angeles Family Life Center is scheduled to begin in December 2020.

Construction is projected to take roughly two years, spanning from December of this year through December 2022. In its entirety, the new development will comprise two buildings – one being a four-floor, 41,000 square foot building that will be the hub for all administrative and programmatic happenings at West Angeles Church, and the second being a four-floor parking garage which will house a total of 400 parking spaces.

The Cathedral will remain the principle house of Worship. 

TRADE WORKERS: Help Build the Family Life Center!

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The Floor Functions

The first floor of the Family Life Center will be roughly 14,625 square feet and will house the chapel, banquet hall and a grand lobby. Additional key features include a bridal suite and groom suite, and ample room for equipment storage.

Another exciting design feature is a media “perch” that overlooks the stage and pulpit, a nostalgic design feature inspired by our beloved North Campus. The first floor of the Family Life Center will be equal parts North Campus Sanctuary and Crystal Room, with a modern twist. The first floor will also be open and spacious enough to accommodate classes and volunteer meetings.

The second floor of the FLC will bustle. This 8,961 square foot space will be the home of the Counseling Center, Reprographics Department, several multi-function classrooms, the Young Adult Department, the media editing room and the media broadcast room. 

The third floor will be a 8,961 Square foot space that will primarily serve as the children’s floor. Unique features will include children-only restrooms and an awesome outdoor play area. 

The fourth floor will be the 8,961 square foot hub for all of the West Angeles Executive Offices and the Music Department.

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Pocket Garden and Parking Garage

Another exciting design element will be the pocket garden that sits in between the Family Life Center and the parking structure. This small but mighty space will be a hub of creativity and artistic expression, and just enough room to fellowship with the saints. 

The parking garage will sit just to the south of the FLC and will house 400 parking spaces, as well as be equipped to handle the electric vehicle chargers.