Get Right or Get Out!

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This 105th Holy Convocation proved to be an inspirational mediums of sorts. Not only was this election year and members were campaigning for their leaders auxiliary leaders but the air of anticipation was tangibly thick as both seats for United States Presidency and the Holy Seat of Presiding Bishop elections ran parallel.

Perhaps one of the most memorable high lights is Presiding Bishop and Chief Apostle’s declaration against pedophila. In a daring and commanding way on Official Day, November 11, before more than 15, 000 members in the Edwards Dome and over 1 million viewers online at COGICISLIVE.COM, Bishop Blake served notice saying, “this will NOT be tolerated.  Our Children should be safe in our churches…either GET RIGHT OR GET OUT!”

Members stood to their feet and agreed with a resounding roar. Now is the time to lift our beliefs to another standard and “shake the world for Jesus Christ!”  Catch a quick snippet below!

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