Hallelujah—He Has Risen!

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is never a story told lightly. The incredible agony and torture Jesus endured, so that we may live a life free of bondage, is an immeasurable sacrifice not easily put into words. Instead, it is manifested in our emotions.

An emotion of gratitude, coupled with sadness, is what many a Christian expresses when even making the smallest attempt at visualizing our Savior on a cross.

Before Jesus began the incredible journey of sacrifice, he was first humiliated and flogged in public. The whip that was used on our Savior’s back consisted of braided leather thongs with metal balls and pieces of sharp bone woven into the braids. The balls added weight to the whip, causing deep bruising, while the pieces of bone in the whip cut into his skin. As the lashing continued, the cuts dug deeper, revealing skeletal muscles, underlying delicate veins and spilling more blood.

After such torment, to then stand and carry the cross to Golgotha, Jesus’ physical body had to go into what is known now as hypovolemic shock, a scientific term used to describe low blood volume. Jesus’ heart raced to pump blood that was not there, his kidneys shut down to preserve liquid, and fluids began to fill his lungs and around his heart.

Jesus could have very well taken himself off the cross, healed all of his wounds and placed his capturers in contempt. Instead, the thought was I’m not dying for me; I’m dying for these, as he took a sip of the spiteful vinegar and said, “It is finished.”

The greatest sacrifice and love story ever told.

What we celebrate is after the agony and eventual death Jesus endured, he rose from the grave! His heart started beating, brain began thinking, and limbs started moving, as he said to Thomas what would shape our very belief system, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not yet seen and have believed.” Know that the Resurrection is not an afterthought in the story of our salvation. It is the defining moment of our re-creation. Had God not risen Jesus from the grave, we would not be where or who we are today. We have been granted a life rooted in forgiveness and covered in grace!

Join West Angeles for Resurrection Sunday, April 20 for the 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. services as our Pastor, Bishop Charles E. Blake, delivers a Spirit filled word with triumphant worship from our Music and Worship Arts Ministry.

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