Bishop Blake Implores Us to be Determined for Our Blessings

Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake preached in his January 25 sermon about what it takes to be blessed.

Bishop Blake’s Sunday sermon was inspired by the story in Genesis 32 of Jacob, who had been troubled by his own thoughts of purpose and destiny. In the passage, Jacob, who was alone in the night, found himself wrestling persistently with a theophany – a physical manifestation of God – until he received a blessing from God.

Bishop Blake cited several other instances from the Bible where God’s will was performed within the lives of those who sought Him in solitude.

“Jesus the Christ spent time alone with God the Father,” Bishop Blake said. “Moses was alone on the mountain when God gave him the Pentateuch and the 10 Commandments. John was alone on the Isle of Patmos when he received the Revelation from Jesus Christ. Developing one’s relationship with God requires some time alone. Concentrating, meditating, artistic endeavors, writing, studying, requires periods of quietness. [It] requires some time alone with just you and God.”

Some of our favorite quotes from the sermon follow:

“Some of man’s greatest accomplishments grow out of the time that somebody spent alone.”

“There are some things that God will do best in your life when He gets you alone with Him.”

“Sometimes so many other voices are speaking that you can’t even hear the voice of almighty God, so spend some time with God alone.”

“[Jacob’s] name was a reflection of his nature…and he needed an extreme makeover!”

“You need this word to come alive on the inside. You need it to speak directly to you.”

“Someone here’s saying, ‘I believe the Word of God. I believe that Jesus is the son of God, that He died for me and rose again. I believe it. But somehow, I need it to become significant in my life today.'”

“Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.”

“Is there anybody in here who feels that God has to have something else in store for you?”

“If you pray, God will show up.”

“Child of you can hold God to His Word. Whatever God says, God is bound to do.” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake

“God, your Word says thus and so, and I’m not going to let You go until You perform Your Word in my life!”

“When God enters into covenant with us, God will stand by the covenant. He’ll not leave us alone, but He’ll perform His Covenant in our lives.”

“You can take hold of God by taking hold of the Word of God.”

“Arm you spiritual arsenal and stock up in the Word of God.”

“Be confident that what He has promised – God will perform it!”

“You’ve got to fight because there’s something in you that’s fighting against God’s plan for your life.”

“God, I know I need you, and I know I can’t live without you!”

“Your spiritual man has to struggle against the flesh in order to overcome the flesh.”

“We’ve got to wrestle with ourselves. We have to be humble.”

“Bless my soul, bless my soul, bless my soul!”

“If you’re gonna deal with God, you’ve got to be determined; you’ve got to be focused.”

“You’re wrestling for your life, for your salvation, for your spiritual survival.”

“Are there any thirsty people in the house today?”

“God, if I have you, I have everything I need.”

“Many things you are entitled to; child of God, you’re going to lose them if you don’t take hold of them.”

“The spirit man is strengthened by the struggle.”

“We struggle for everything else: why not struggle for God?”

“Present your body a living sacrifice…that’s what God wants.”

“If you’re diligent…the Lord will cause your enemies who wrestled against you to be defeated.”

“I’m going to hold on in Faith; I’m going to trust you until you bring a miracle!”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES: Genesis 32:22-28, Philippians 1:6, Hosea 12:3, Luke 1:45, Romans 4:25, Rom8:11, Romans 12:1, John5:4.

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