Magic Johnson & Cookie Celebrate Bishop Blake

Bishop Blake turned 80 on Aug. 5, but we’re celebrating all month long!

“I look pretty good for 80, don’t I? I think so (laughs). Thank you so very much for your love and gifts and cards.” – Bishop Blake

Bishop has set up shop right in front of the Cathedral, and this week, Elder Lawrence Blake delivered a special message featuring longtime West Angeles members Magic and Cookie Johnson.

Bishop Blake took off his mask for a short while so that he could be heard clearly, and expressed how much he misses leading the congregation inside the Cathedral doors.

He implored all members of West Angeles Church to properly protect themselves by wearing a mask, washing their hands, and maintaining social distance.

“This is a difficult time, but we can make it. Would you please tell somebody near you, ‘We can make it!'” – Bishop Blake

Sunday’s service featured a special message from Magic and Cookie Johnson, longtime members at West Angeles Church who spent a portion of Sunday’s service wishing Bishop Blake a happy birthday and honoring our Bishop for all he’s done in their lives and in the community.

Here are the highlights from their message to Bishop:

“Bishop Blake, both Cookie and I just want to say happy birthday. For 80 years, you’ve been gracing this earth with your presence. You’ve done so much in 80 years. How many people can say that they’ve changed the world?” – Magic Johnson

“My most impactful moment, when I think about Bishop Blake, is when he invited me and Cookie to Memphis for Convocation. Let me tell you – I knew that Bishop Blake was an incredible man with incredible power, but there’s not too many times that I’m in awe of somebody. There’s only been a few people that I’ve been in awe of: Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, and then you. I am so happy that Cookie brought me to West Angeles.” – Magic Johnson

“You are God’s angel to come here on earth and bless us all. You’re so humble. You’re so kind.” – Magic Johnson

“The other moment I’m going to remember is we called you when I announced that I had HIV and you prayed on us, and put your hands on us, and prayed with Cookie and I. I believe that moment and that time is the reason why I’m still here.” – Magic Johnson

“I watched Bishop for years raise money to build that Cathedral. I watched him when he had that dream in his mind and everyone told him he was crazy for trying to build such a big church. But he knew with God’s help, he could do it, and he never stopped. He worked tirelessly to do it.” – Cookie Johnson

“Bishop, you are so amazing because you did not waver. On top of that, you sacrificed your own money and your own family for this great thing. And for us. I just love you for who you are, but also the great leader that you are.” – Cookie Johnson

“For me, my father passed away a few years ago. I told Bishop, but I didn’t know he knew when the funeral was. I’m at the wake and there he is. He just comes out of nowhere, just to take the time out of his day to come see us and to pray with us.” – Cookie Johnson

“Lady Mae, we want to take this one moment to say how much we love and appreciate you. You’ve always been there for us. You’re always there holding Bishop up. You’re the rock behind everything and the wind behind the wings.” – Cookie Johnson

“And I love the hats and the outfits. You always come with it!” – Magic Johnson