magic johnson and younf job seekers at a forbes convention connects job seekers of color with major corporations

Magic Johnson Connects Job Seekers of Color With Major Corporations

Operating under the philosophy that true success makes others successful, West Angeles’ own Earvin “Magic” Johnson is now a tech investor.  The Chairman and CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises is the leading investor in Jopwell, a diversity and hiring recruiting platform.

Jopwell connects African American, Latino/Hispanic, and Native American professionals and students with top companies for jobs and internships at all levels.  Jopwell’s focus is tech and finance, and has several major strategic corporate partners.  Its website includes job listings, a career advice blog, and a free photo archive. 


jopwell founders Porter Braswell and Ryan Williams

Magic Johnson Connects Job Seekers of Color –  Jopwell founders, Porter Braswell and Ryan Williams.

The company’s founders, Porter Braswell and Ryan Williams, met while working at investment firm Goldman-Sachs.  The two men knew that they had opportunities that others like them did not, and in 2015, founded their company to help fill that gap.  The company partners with more than 60 employers, including Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Buzzfeed, and Morgan Stanley.  To date, Jopwell facilitates tens of thousands of connections between candidates and employers.

Jabree, a recent Summer intern for Fidelity Investments, credits Jopwell for giving him the chance to speak with Fidelity’s recruiters.  He now makes  the platform his #1 tool for job hunting.  “Jopwell keeps me updated with opportunities I could apply for,” he said, “and it provides the information about the requirements I need to be considered.” 


Since retiring from the NBA over 20 years ago, legendary basketball star Magic Johnson morphed into a business powerhouse.  He dedicates his life to leaving a positive impact in underserved urban communities. Having left the basketball court for the boardroom, Johnson parlays the skills and tenacity he acquired on the court into a winning formula for successfulbusiness ventures.

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Magic Johnson Enterprises is an investment conglomerate valued at an estimated $1 billion dollars.

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PHOTOS, Courtesy of Jopwell and Magic Johnson Enterprises.