Bishop Blake Official Statement: COVID-19

Letterhead logo     Greetings West Angeles Family,   On March 13, 2020, Mayor Eric Garcetti issued an amendment of Governor Newsom’s Public Health Advisement regarding public gatherings, reducing the number from 250 persons to 50 persons, with spacing of at least six feet. As a faith-based entity, we will rely on the power of prayer to sustain us through the days ahead, while remaining responsible community partners during this crisis. As pastor, my concern is for the well-being of this flock and those whom we serve.  In order to be in compliance with these newly mandated public safety directives, we are making the following adjustments to our programming here at West Angeles Church until further notice. This Sunday, we will have an abbreviated morning gathering designed to fall within the ‘50 persons with six feet of space’ requirement. We will have limited seating available for our 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. services in order to adhere to those guidelines. Information for the subsequent Sundays will be released as events continue to unfold. The North Campus will be closed and all activities held at that site are cancelled. There will be no Sunday School, youth and children’s activities, classes, food services or shuttle services available, as well no evening worship.  All other daily, weekly, monthly and special services, as well as meetings, classes, groups, events and programming, are cancelled immediately until further notice. We will provide information on conference calling to assist in staying connected with your groups and teams. In order to continue serving our constituency, our business offices will remain open. You may call our church office at 323.733.8300, visit our website at, and follow our social media platforms for a special message from me regarding this health crisis and for updates pertaining to our programming. For those who provide us with electronic contact information, you can expect to receive updates as warranted, with the ability to opt out at-will. Please join us in continued prayer for God’s guidance and direction, confident that He is yet in control.   Grace and Peace, Bishop Blake's Signature Bishop Charles E. Blake, Senior Pastor West Angeles Church

Black Death – Part 5: Our Commitment

In the United States, no community has been struck harder by the virus than the black community, even though African Americans only make up 12 percent of the population.
West Angeles Counseling Center Pandemic Check-in Graphic including illustrations of people wearing masks

BLACK DEATH - Part 4: Demise of the Black Image

The term “black death” can be defined in more than one way. As the novel coronavirus sweeps the globe, it’s taking its fiercest toll on black people in America, killing African Americans at an egregious rate. However, in the process, black America is suffering another form of fatality: the death of its image.