Plugged In: Follow These 15 Women

Social media is about more than posting pictures of what we eat for lunch that day or photos from our kids’ weekend soccer games. Although both of those things are great, for some, social media is used to accomplish different objectives.

In many instances, social media users get everything from their daily news to their daily laughs via their Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter feeds. Others use social media to find inspiration, for everything from weddings to birthday parties to clothing choices.

There are millions of powerful voices on social media, those who can tell stories or provide news in the most unique and creative of ways. And in light of International Women’s Day (March 8), we picked out 15 influential women, using their social media platforms as a means of empowering society. Have a look at our selections below!

Financial Empowerment






Female Activism




Black Family Inspiration





Celebrity Activism





Political Activism




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