Prayers Encouraged for LAX Shooting


An aerial view of LAX shooting which was shut down Friday over reports of gunfire coming from Terminal 3 and at least one gunman.

A gunman opened fire at the Los Angeles International Airport terminal on Friday morning, killing an unarmed federal airport security agent and wounding others. According to the Chicago Tribune authorities have identified the suspected shooter as Paul Anthony Ciancia, 23, and they said he was shot and wounded by police in an exchange of gunfire at the airport’s busy Terminal 3.

The carnage could have been far worse according to USA Today. Police said the shooter, armed with a semiautomatic rifle, brought 150 rounds of ammunition to the airport. Investigators recovered a rambling message from the bag the shooter allegedly was carrying, which detailed an intent to “kill” TSA officers, said two federal law enforcement officials familiar with the message’s contents. The officials, who are not authorized to comment publicly, said it was written in a way that suggested the author expected to lose his life.

LAX Shooting

The incident affected an estimated 1,550 arriving and departing flights carrying over 167,000 passengers, airport spokeswoman Nancy Castles said in a statement. A number of those flights were grounded or diverted as police evacuated passengers and shut down three terminals

Please join West Angeles as we pray for the wounds and the lost life of the TSA worker.  We stand and declare traveling grace and safe passages for people flying in and out of LAX.



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