REPORT: Christian Population Dropping in America


From 2007 to 2014, the percentage of Americans that identify themselves as Christian has dropped from 78 percent to 71 percent, which amounts to five million adults in the seven year gap, according to a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center.

Furthermore, in 2007, 36 million adults identified themselves as unaffiliated with any religious group. But that number that has jumped considerably to 56 million in 2014.

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The Pew Research Center offered no concrete answer as to why the Christian population has dropped.

So, why do you think there are less Christians in America? Please, share your respectful thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Lois Sneed
    Lois Sneed says:

    We are truly living in the last days and the Church world has sunken into the secular world so much that they are lost. I don’t see any difference in the Christian world of today from the world of sinners. They dress alike, I remember when Sanctified women didn’t wear pants, dye their hair, wear red lipstick to mention a few. I know that clothes don’t save anyone but we have allowed the devil to slip in with this lie and it has started a landslide into more worldly behavior. Saints used to avoid the ‘movies’, now they have large screen TV at home to rent them to look at. They even go out to see them. There is no light shining to point the sinner man to God. The preached Word is lacking in conviction, and prayer is a scripted dialogue. We go to Social Centers now instead of Church, it’s all about entertainment and pleasure seeking. I am starving for the Old time way.

  2. Dianne Black
    Dianne Black says:

    The clergy is only interested in the number of members they have attending, not in soul saving done correctly. There is not enough teaching about the Holy Ghost and that it is absolutely necessary for personal salvation. They are just doing the old right hand fellowship. Most of the people don’t attend classes. They live any kind of way. They have very few fruit of the spirit. Therefore the people that’s not affiliate with a church, are reading their life and coming to the conclusion that the so call Christian is not any better than anyone else. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says it best. It is the time we are living in. These pastors are also letting these so call christian hold leadership position in our churches. They are constant trouble makers. They get mad and stay mad for days even weeks. Bad leadership!! It is so sad! Their members group up. If you sit in one of their friend’s seat, they will make you get up. They will tell you that that seat belongs to someone else. Just look around, these rude people are every where. I now what Mathew 31:24-30 says, but you got to have good leadership with discernment. If you go to these people functions, it is like going to a night club. They play the non christian music and actually dance to it. This generation is saying line dancing is alright. If they had the holy Spirit, it would be a plus. People are also using the church as an entertaining place. All the glory belongs to God.One Sunday, I believe we had a drunk lady singing. She was leading a song in the choir. I recorded her!

  3. Daisy Gaitors
    Daisy Gaitors says:

    Why Church Attendance Has Fallen since 2007 and continues to drastically drop as of 2014 according to Pew Research Center:

    I believe this is the Bible fufilling itself as spoken of in 1st Timothy 4: 1-4. We are in the last days. It would be different if it was only the unchurched not coming to church, but it is the once faithful christian who have become hardened and are falling away. Another reason, is in my opinion, the “church house” has become entertainment focused instead of “WORD & WORSHIP” focused. We are guilty of entertaing ourselves instead of Seeking what God has to say to us and Worshipping God who is Holy. There are many reasons for this and they ALL begin with “Lack Of”! Lack of praying…God’s Will! Lack of submission! Lack of denying self, Lack of Worship, Lack of In some cases, The Pureness of God’s Word (watered down semons – crowd pleasing sermons). Lack of studying God’s word like we use to. We’ve gotten too busy. Now days we have to Really Hold On and Fight in the Spirit so we won’t get carried away when we find ourselves slacking. We Christians need to get unbusy some and seek out our “Own” salvation to see if we are in the faith. These are some of the “Lacks” I see in the Church and with ourselves. If you fall down, you better get up quickly, repenting first, because it very well might not be anybody around close enough to pray you through. The song writer wrote “encourage yourself” he was right! now days, you’ve got to encourage yourself in the Lord on a daily basis, and not be carried away by the things you hear and see happening all around us in the world. Prayer is the key we cannot afford to lose! Dr D. L. Gaitors, DD


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