Who’s Going To Lead The New Black America? Part I

As we enter Black History Month 2018, at Westa.org we’re highlighting some of the prophecies and visions revealed to the congregation of West Angeles Church of God In Christ. May you be edified, equipped and filled with the Holy Spirit to answer God’s call on your life for 2018.

Bishop Dwight Pate of Baton Rouge, LA revealed a mighty prophecy for the congregation at West Angeles Church of God In Christ. The prophecy contained within Bishop Pate’s series of revelations emerges from a divine vision he received in 1967, and the time of its fruition has now come. The prophetic word for the COGIC denomination, and for inner-city Black America as a whole was delivered during a July 2016 revival titled, “Who Is Going to Lead the New Black America?”

Said Bishop Pate to the congregation, “Look at your neighbor and say, “I am revival.”

Part I of the revival’s highlights follow:

“God is about to do something special with minority people in America.” – Bishop Dwight Pate

“Who’s going lead this new Black America? God is about to do something special with minority people in America.”

“Study church history. Every time there was a move of God where God took cities and nations over, men had nothing to do with it.”

“God’s going to give you the blessings of your neighborhood; people will be knocking on your door because they found out God is in your house!”

“God’s going to start moving in the penitentiaries in California. Your sons and daughters are going to come out of the jailhouse prophesying! Make some noise in this house tonight.”

“God has erased that record of selling dope; cleaned him up. Now he’s sanctified, saved, and filled with the Holy Ghost!”

“God is doing a new thing, and he’s getting ready to do a new thing with you.”

“God’s getting ready to take over!”

“Your patience is full…You’ve got to let go and let God have his way. Hallelujah!”

“You heal the church, you heal the community.” – Bishop Dwight Pate

“A promise is a gift that you give to yourself…A promise is assured by acts of faithfulness.”

“If God ever lied, the whole universe would disappear.”

“It’s not a hard thing to do God’s promise. You do it because you love Him.”

“As Bishop Blake says, the dreamers are coming…The dreamers are in the house!”

“I’m glad I read Isaiah: ‘Who’s going to believe our report?’”

“You’re not going to get this watching the Kardashians. You’re going to have to turn the TV off and find a prayer closet somewhere.”

“We don’t look so righteous right now, but we’re getting ready to be righteous.”

“Everybody who needs the devil to be cast out of your mind, make some noise up in here!”

“Blocked but not stopped!”

“The Black man and woman is going to set the moral standard for the end of time.” – Bishop Dwight Pate

“When God revives you, you’ll trigger revival everywhere you go. But you’ve got to come to a place of making our Lord personal.”

“When is the church going to rise up? When is the church going to be sincere?”

“You heal the church, you heal the community.”

“I wish there was somebody in here who knew they’ve got a revival in their mouths…Loose it in your house. Loose it in your community.  Loose it in your church!”

“I believe the greatest move of God in the history of America is getting ready to happen among people of African descent, Amen, and our Spanish brothers and sisters.”

“God is getting ready to do something so special, it’s going to make the 1st-century church seem like it was just a shadow of what’s about to take place.”

“The Black man and woman are going to set the moral standard for the end of time.”

“Men and women of color are going to set the last righteous move for this country to be redefined.”

“We are at the end of an age, and God visits certain people at certain times.”

“God’s getting ready to bless you, whether you like it or not.”

“The women prayed the Holy Ghost in. Bishop Mason just happened to be in the right place at the right time.”

“(William J.) Seymour died with 20 members. Bishop Mason died with over 400,000. Where did Seymour’s anointing go? To Bishop Mason.”

“’Wherever the anointing goes, the wealth’s going to follow. You don’t have a money problem, you have an anointing problem.”

“It’s no accident that slavery took place to get a people from Africa here to America.”– Bishop Dwight Pate

“Evil has always happened in darkness, ever since the time of Nimrod 4600 years ago. But never in modern times have we got men and women in the political arena who will look at you and say, ‘I’m lying, but don’t believe I’m lying.”

“Right before Jesus Christ went to Heaven, the Roman government threw the cross on a Black man’s back…God’s getting ready to call some of you out, whether you like it or not.”

“It’s no accident that slavery took place to get a people from Africa here to America.”

“When the church doesn’t act in her rightful position, a murderous spirit takes over the land.”

“The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.”

“This type of darkness is going to make the church shine brighter.”

“God must raise His people up!”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES: James 1:4, Psalm 81, Isaiah 43:19, 58; Acts 17:26, Matthew 11:12, 2 Corinthians 10:4-6, 1 Timothy 2:2.

Bishop Dwight Pate accepted the call to ministry at age 13. Church Point Ministries in Baton Rouge, LA was founded in 1983, and in 1992 Bishop Pate was ordained Bishop under Apostle Clifford Turner of Liberty Temple in Chicago, IL.  Bishop Pate conducts revivals regularly, and has been secluded in prayer three times: in 1994 for 7-1/2 months; in 2000 for 5 months and most recently in 2013 for 11-½ months. During the first shut in, the Lord spoke to him to pray over oil and send it out free of charge all over the world. To date, over 16 million bottles have been sent out. He is the author of 5 books and leads a thriving arts ministry at Church Point Ministries. This anointed man of God is married to Lady Sandra Pate, and together they have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

Bishop Blake COGIC Theme 2018DID YOU KNOW?
  • The COGIC THEME for 2018 is: “The Church Seasoning The World” (Matthew 5:13-16 NKJV)
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