SERMON – Bishop Brandon Porter: “I’m Getting It All Back”

West Angeles Church of God In Christ concluded its month-long celebration of Black History Month with a magnificent performance by its Theater Arts Ministry and a powerful sermon by visiting pastor Bishop Brandon Porter called, “I’m Getting it All Back.” See the entire service here at West Angeles’ GOSPEL ON DEMAND.

In his sermon, Bishop Porter told the story of Mephibosheth, whose father Jonathan had been loyal to King David, even saving his life. Although Mephibosheth was the descendant of a King, he’d become an outcast, was crippled, and believed he had little worth. But King David knew he owed Mephibosheth a great debt, and restored all to him.

Bishop Porter’s sermon was preceded by a magnificent performance by the West Angeles Theater Arts Ministry titled “Black Lives Matter,” which honored the lives of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin.

Bishop Brandon Porter is Head Pastor of Greater Community Temple in Memphis, TN. He has served the Church Of God In Christ in numerous capacities including Vice Chairman of the National Trustee Board and President of the International Youth Department. He is an inspired author of several titles including, “A Reason to Keep Going,” “In His Likeness,” and “Speaking Life.” He’s married to First Lady Melody Porter, and has two sons Bryson, and Brandon II, author of the recently published, “If Obama Had A Son.”

Highlights from the sermon follow:

“This is a pivotal year; 2015. The number 20 is the number of redemption; and the number 15 is the number of rest. The Jews call this the ‘Shmita Year.’ It is the year of the sabbatical, or the year of the Sabbath.”

“You were to be restored…re-consecrated to God; to tie up the loose ends, to make yourself better for what’s to come.”

“God wants us to have the attitude that whatever He has promised, now we can get it.”

“The Summer is not for you to lose interest, but for you to become reignited to do something greater than you’ve ever done before.”

“We’re about to have overflow!”

“It’s the year, as the old people say, where you take your hands off, and God puts His hands on it!”

“I want everything that God says I can have!”

“Too many people have this defeatist attitude about life…I’m sick of folk who ain’t looking for nothing!”

“You’ve got to have a life of expectation.”

“What is God about to do next? He’s not through blessing me yet! Does anybody here know that God is not through Blessing you?”

“The devil is still the devil. He’s only come for three things; has a very small agenda, but he’s committed: steal, kill, destroy.”

“Quit thinking that satan is so powerful! He’s not that powerful! The devil has some power: God has all power!”

“[Satan’s] not a negative god – satan is a fallen angel.”

“It doesn’t matter what the devil has planned, God has another one.”

“God has a plan for me, but He also has one for my enemy.”

“I think it was Henry Ford who said, ‘Whether you think you can or you think you cannot – you’re right.” Life is all about what you think.”

“You’ve got to have a life of expectation.” – Bishop Brandon Porter

“Character determines destiny.”

“Who you are all started with what you were listening to.”

“There are some folk who don’t want you now, but they’re going to want you later! Say ‘Amen,’ somebody!”

“You know you’re doing something right when your past wants you back!”

“Friends, when you get to where you’re going, don’t forget how you got there.”

“My struggle is where I am, not who I am. My struggle is my evidence, not my residence!”

“Some people are hurt today because somebody else was trippin’!”

“You don’t have to chase your blessing: it’s chasing you!”

“God knows where you are”.

“’Lo’ means ‘No’; ‘Debar’ means “no fruit or opportunity’…Some of you are in Lo Debar…But it’s your responsibility to get up and get from that place where it seems you’ve been held captive.”

“No matter how difficult your circumstances are, everything that God is doing is for a purpose…God is right there all the time.”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES – 2 Samuel 9:1-10, Genesis 50:20, Hebrews 11:1, 1 Samuel 16:10-11, Psalm 23:6, Psalm 23:5.

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