SERMON: The Golden Altar


Bishop Blake continues his series of studies on the items of the tabernacle in his sermon titled, “The Golden Altar.”

“What a blessing it is to be in God’s house on today,” said Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. as he welcomed Bishop T. Larry Kirkland, Presiding Prelate of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, to West Angeles Church of God In Christ on Sunday, July 3, 2016.

“He’s Christian Methodist Episcopal. I’m Church of God In Christ. But he’s my friend and I love him,” said Bishop Blake.

Bishop Kirkland was to preach at the opening conference of the International Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, which also served as a celebration of his retirement. However, according to the L.A. Sentinel, Bishop Kirkland says that he is not retiring from preaching, and he plans to pursue a number of activities, such as creating an international ministry to aid villages in Africa, and starting a school of ministry to help young pastors with church growth and development. Bishop Blake extended an offer to Bishop Kirkland to visit West Angeles to preach in the future.

Bishop Blake continues his series of studies on the items of the tabernacle in his sermon titled, “The Golden Altar,” also known as the Altar of Incense. This series is based on the book, “Encountering God: Pathways to His Presence,” by Bishop Charles E. Blake.

To see this entire service and more, please click HERE to visit West Angeles Gospel on Demand, or call the West Angeles Christian Emporium at (323) 731-3012. Highlights from Bishop Blake’s sermon titled, “The Golden Altar” follow:

“Upon entering the court of the tabernacle, one would first see the brazen altar, upon which bulls, heifers, lambs, goats, and turtledoves were sacrificed by fire unto the Lord.”

“The altar was a test of God’s judgement against, and his condemnation of, sin.”

“The brazen altar confirms that entrance into the things of God are available only through a sacrifice of blood.”

“The role of the brazen altar was completed and ended by Jesus Christ, the Son of God.”

“The bronze laver, or the basin to wash in, symbolized  moral and spiritual purification.”

“If you really respect God…you won’t bring any old kind of thing into His presence, and you won’t come into His presence any old kind of way.”

“The laver also represents the cleansing work of Christ in the life of the believer and for the church…It also symbolizes  the work that we must do in seeking to live clean lives before the Lord.”

“This is a Holiness church; a sanctified church.”

“How many of you are striving to move up higher every day?”

“The golden altar of incense was located just outside the holy place, or the Holy of Holies.”

“The brazen altar confirms that entrance into the things of God are available only through a sacrifice of blood.” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.

“Incense was to spread a fragrant smell throughout the entire area.”

“Foul smells were inescapable and pervasive throughout the ancient world. Think of a world where there were no underground sewers…where men and animals occupied the same living space…where each family slaughtered their own meat, poultry and fish…where there was no Dove soap and no bathtubs…no undertakers, no deep freezers; in such a world, foul smells would be unavoidable.”

“Both God and man have a constitutional dislike of foul odors.”

“One’s odor should be a matter of concern when it comes into the presence of other people.”

“Not only are there bad physical odors, there are some other kinds of odors. Ever heard of a stinking personality?…Ever been around someone who created an emotionally stinking atmosphere?”

“Learn to smile. Stop complaining. Try to be like a breath of fresh air.” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.

“Some people want you to hang out with them so they can emotionally abuse you.”

“There are many ways that we create bad odors. When we fill the atmosphere with negative words and negative thoughts and inconsiderate actions and attitudes, we create a bad odor.”

“Learn to smile. Learn to listen. Stop complaining. Affirm people; compliment people. Try to be like a breath of fresh air.”

“43 times, the Bible refers to animal sacrifice as providing a sweet aroma. Anyone who’s been to a beauty salon knows that burning hair is not a sweet aroma.”

“The smell of the sacrifice meant that the people were repenting before God.”

“Sometimes a bad smell is a good smell.”

“When Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world, His sacrifice was a sweet-smelling aroma to God.”

“The incense…was symbolic of the prayers and praises and worship of the children of Israel.”

Let my prayer be set before you as incense, and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice – Psalm 141:2

“Child of God, when you offer to God praise, you’re building a throne.”

“Has the Lord done anything for you lately?”

“The Lord is delighted when you pray. Have you delighted the Lord lately?

“God loves to hear your voice. God loves when you praise Him!”

“There is a praise that is for God alone…Don’t use it at the football game…Don’t use it at the concert. Don’t use it at the party…If you’re going to praise, praise Him.”

“He said, ‘Don’t have any other Gods before me.’ Our God is worthy of the highest praise!”

“Come on and praise the Lord! Praise God!”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES – Exodus 30:1,6,29:18, 20:3; Hebrews 4:15, 10:11, 13:15; Ephesians 5:25,2 Corinthians 7:1,Isaiah 53:4, Philippians 2:5, Psalm 15:8, 22:30, 141:2,; Revelation 5:8, 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Encountering God: The Pathway to His Presence, by Bishop ENCOUNTERING GOD bookCharles E. Blake, Sr. Paperback Legacy Publishers International, 2004, 173 pages.

In Encountering God: The Pathway to His Presence, Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake beautifully and poignantly illustrates to us the clear path to establishing a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Experiencing your divine encounter with God means following steps that will touch His heart. From Presiding Bishop Blake: “If you will follow these steps, then I can assure you that the experience you so desperately desire…will come!”

To  order your copy of Encountering God: The Pathway to His Presence, please CLICK HERE to purchase, or contact the West Angeles Christian Emporium.

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