Harvard study shows effects of racism on income for black men

According to a recent study from researchers at Harvard, Stanford and the Census Bureau, there is severe income inequality that exists between black and white men that causes adult black males to earn significantly less than their white counterparts.

A common theme among income inequality discussions is that the heart of the problem exists due to class as opposed to race. But in this study, which traced the income of 20 million children and their parents, black boys raised in wealthy families will still earn less than their white peers that grew up in wealthy families in 99 percent of America, proving that race is still the central issue.

The study also shows that the income gap between white men and black men and is substantially greater than the income gap that exists between white women and black women. In fact, for women that were raised in households of similar incomes, there is no income gap.

Read the story HERE and view the study HERE.


REPORT: Black students suspended three times as often as white peers

No state in the country has greater concerns with disciplinary discrimination than Minnesota.

In an in-depth New York Times article published on Sunday, it was revealed that nationally, black students are suspended from school at three times the rate of their white peers. But in the state of Minnesota, that number nearly triples, as black students are suspended eight times as often as white students.

A telling part of the story reveals the descriptive language used towards black students as opposed to their white counterparts. White children with behavioral issues were labeled as “gifted but can’t use his words,” or “high strung.” Other descriptions included “had a hard day.”

Conversely, black students were labeled as “destructive” and “violent,” as well as “cannot be managed.

Read the full NY Times story HERE.