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The COGIC Urban Initiatives

The COGIC Urban Initiatives target family and economic development, at-risk youth, financial literacy and community revitalization.

Young men of West Angeles COGIC, including Minister Donnie Briggs.

Dear Beloved,

God blessed us as a people with infinitely greater opportunities than any other black people on the face of the earth. But we are blessed to reach out to those of us who are less fortunate, and to lift them and help them. None of us  can remain satisfied in a community which is blessed and prosperous until we reach out and bless everyone in that community.

I pray that, in this season, every one of us stands upon our watch, and goes to God and pray:

“God, I just don’t want to stand by; I want to make a positive impact on earth. Please make me a positive influence on life on earth; make me a positive influence on my children, on my family, on my community. God, please show me what you would have me to do.  Please show me the direction you want me to go.”

As Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, I’ve asked every one of our 12,000 churches across the globe to incorporate into their operations five areas of emphasis. We call this the Church of God In Christ Urban Initiatives.

The five areas are:
1. Education – Education and work skills are key to family stability and community growth. This includes mentoring, tutoring, and Christian education.
2. Economic Development –  A church can offer services such as job training, employment counseling and assistance, and entrepreneurship programs.
3. Crime Prevention – Develop alternative programs to proactively keep young people out of a life of crime, and to create collaborative relationships with law enforcement.
4. Family – Create programs to strengthen the family, with a special emphasis on the role of fathers.
5. Financial Literacy – Include programs for both young people and adults which highlight the importance of saving, owning real estate, and wealth-building.

Some of the best and brightest leaders in our denomination have been assigned to spearhead the success of these programs across the nation. If every church has these five initiatives at work, there will be 60,000 programs in inner city America impacting our nation, impacting our cities, and impacting our communities across our nation. West Angeles Church of God In Christ has all five of these areas well covered, and we must expand even more.

We need your gifts, your skills, and your involvement, and we look forward to working with you. You, too, are Blessed to be a Blessing.

Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.
Presiding Bishop
Church of God in Christ, Inc.

For more information on COGIC’s nation-wide initiatives and urban development programs, please CLICK HERE to go to the COGIC URBAN INITIATIVES page.


  • For financial literacy, economic development, and community assistance programs, PLEASE CONTACT: The West Angeles Community Development Corporation at (323) 751-3440. Please click HERE for more information. http://www.westangelescdc.org/
  • For more on our family and personal development programs, PLEASE CONTACT: The West Angeles Counseling Center at (323) 737-7463 or (323) 733-8300×2360.    http://westa.org//counseling/
  • For our “Manhood 2 Fatherhood” sessions, please contact The West Angeles Counseling Center at (323) 737-7463.   http://westa.org//counseling/
  • For The Brotherhood Organization, please contact (323) 733-8300 http://westa.org//west-angeles-the-brotherhood
  • For The Women’s Affairs Organization, SISTERS, and our other women’s initiatives, please call (323) 733-8300, or click below to access our complete ministries list.
  • For more information on our adult and youth Christian Education Classes including The School of Practical Christian Living, Sunday School, and the West Angeles Bible College, please call (323) 733-8300.  http://westa.org//christian-education/
  • For college prep and tutoring please contact Education Enrichment c/o Deacon John Wilson at (323) 733-8300 x2628, 2629 .  http://westa.org//education-enrichment
  • For Mentoring information, please contact Minister Sam Ransom,  call 323-733-8300 x2629.
  • For West Angeles COGIC Ministries and Auxiliaries – For more information on all of West Angeles’ ministries and auxiliaries, including our Skid Row Ministry, the Prison Ministry and many others, please call 323 733-8300, or CLICK HERE for a complete list.
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