Watch Night: Position Yourself to Advance

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Evangelist Joyce Rodgers, COGIC’s International Youth Department leader, delivered an exciting, encouraging, and always prophetic Word for 2017 at West Angeles Church of God In Christ’s Watch Night Celebration. 

Evangelist Joyce L. Rodgers’ Watch Night sermon titled, “Position Yourself to Advance” encouraged the saints to move forward in 2017 with confidence in Jesus, even in the midst of uncertainly in the next year.

“This is your year; this is your time to bust through some open doors! Somebody shout, ‘ADVANCE!’”

As the congregation erupted in thunderous praise, Evangelist Rodgers continued, “We are embarking upon a new era in life. As we transition into a new year, God said, ‘Get ready for new opportunities!’”

High praise filled the Cathedral as the congregation ushered in the New Year with corporate prayer lead by Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. and classic gospel selections “Changed,” and “Praise the Name of Jesus” performed by none other than the magnificent Lady Tramaine Hawkins. Lady Tramaine was accompanied by the Cathedral Chorale and the mighty West Angeles Mass Choir, conducted by Dr. Judith Christie McAllister and David Daughtery.

After the service, the congregation moved to the North Campus’ beautiful Crystal Room for a new Watch Night tradition, The Afterglow Breakfast, where the congregation enjoyed chicken and waffles prepared by West Angeles’ Food services Department, and wonderful gospel jazz performed by the West Angeles band.

Order the entire 2016 Watch Night Service HERE, on West Angeles Gospel on Demand, or visit the West Angeles Christian Emporium to purchase on CD or DVD. Highlights from the service follow:

Position Yourself to Advance

“If our faith is in the political arena; if our hope lies in the economic arena, then we are destined to be discouraged.”

“Because our hope lies in the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ is on our side; therefore, God says to you, ‘Position yourselves to advance.’”

“There are spiritual doors that God wants to open for you during this season of your life.”

“This is a time for…new doors in our lives; new doors in our families’ lives, new doors in our businesses, new doors in our church.”

“We are embarking upon a new era in life. As we transition into a new year, God said, ‘Get ready for new opportunities.’”

“There’s a door of new hope.” – Evangelist Joyce L. Rodgers

“What doors would the Lord have for your life during this time of transition? What opportunity could be in front of you, waiting for you to knock; waiting for you to enter?”

“God said, ‘I have set before you an open door, and no man can close it.’”

“The word set means, ‘I have placed before you; I have positioned, stabilized before you an open door,’ and not man, nor demon, can shut the door.”

“God has a plan and a strategy for our lives.”

“God really, really, really knows us!”

“God said, ‘I made you in secret…when you came out, you came out whole; complete, entire, wanting for nothing.’”

Lady Tramaine Hawkins performs, "Changed" at west Angeles COGIC, 12-31-2016.

Lady Tramaine Hawkins performs, “Changed” at West Angeles COGIC, 12-31-2016.

“God knows what lies ahead for the upcoming year, and He feels every minute of your life .”

“Now our prayers should be, ‘Lord, show me the door that you have set before me! Open my eyes! Give me insight and revelation.’”

“There is no such thing as an authentic ministry, an authentic calling, an authentic anointing without problems or opposition of some sort. Satan is going to see to it that oppositions will come.”

“If the door is great, the adversaries are many. If the door is little, then the adversary is little. Great doors denote great adversaries.”

“Every door that God has planned for you, there are opponents and adversaries that desire to shut the door and stop you from entering in: but the devil is a liar!”

“This is your year; this is your time, to bust through some open doors. Somebody say, ‘ADVANCE!’”

“Whoever you are, wherever you are: God says, ‘Behold, I have set before you an open door

“In your failure can be the seeds of the greatest mission in your life.” – Evangelist Joyce L. Rodgers

“Even when you don’t have the strength to put one foot in front of other, even if you’re too troubled and too weak, by the grace of God, just keep on walking until you can enter in.”

“God said, ‘Not only do I have an open door open for you, but I’ll hold it open!’”

“Unusual things are about to happen. I declare and decree that throughout the coming year…You’re about to be adventurous; to do some things you’ve never done, so you get some of the things you’ve never had. This is your year for adventurous new things!”

“I need some people to scream, ‘Boomerang!’ because what devil meant for evil, God’s going to turn it around!”

“You have to come out of your comfort zone. It’s easy to ask God to give you the faith the walk on water, but you don’t want to get out of the boat!”

“Tell the truth and shame the devil. There are areas in our lives where we feel comfortable moving in faith, but there are some areas in our lives that make us feel anxious.”

“How can you see a miracle happen if you don’t move out of your comfort zone?”

“This is the year for God to drop new opportunities into your lap.”

“What adversary will keep me from great opportunities?…What is the greatest enemy of great? Good! Many people have good marriages but not great ones. Good relationships but not great. Good prayer lives but not great. Why is this?”

“The enemy of great opportunity is learning to love the good to the place that it satisfies the soul, and there’s no need to desire to go any further.”

“Great is about to come out of you…I will not be satisfied with ‘Good’.”

”The enemy of great opportunity is learning to love the good to the place that it satisfies the soul, and there’s no need to desire to go any further.” Evangelist Joyce L. Rodgers

“Somebody scream, ‘SHIFT’! I need you to shift from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’!  It’s time for more intensity in your worship; it’s time to penetrate evangelism.”


Bishop Blake leads the West Angeles congregation in prayer. Watch Night, 2016.

“Are you the status quo, or are you about to walk into greatness?”

“Things, places, people can be adversaries, but I’m pressing on the upward way…new heights I’m gaining every day!”

“There’s a door of new hope.”

“What is the Valley of Achor? A place of sorrow, devastation, grief; yet even here, in  the place of death, God said, ‘I’m going to open a door.’”

“Sometimes when you’re down there, if you’re not careful, you can miss the door that has been set before you.”

“Even if you’ve failed at some things, you’re not a failure…and in your failure you can be rescued by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“Failure can be the grace for your great success. What you didn’t achieve this day, God can give you grace to achieve it tomorrow.’”

“In your failure can be the seeds of the greatest mission in your life.”

“What you did not overcome today you can turn into a book, a song, an outline: so somebody will be able to say, ‘If it had not been for the Lord on my side, I wouldn’t have made it!’”

“ You can’t enter the new door until you shut the old door…Shut the door of old relationships, shut the door of bitterness; of unforgiveness, of resentment, of poverty, of bad habits, of old patterns, of crazy thinking, of negative people.”

“I don’t know what door has been trying to hold you back, but by the power of the Holy Ghost this is your night to shut the door!”

“You’re getting ready to walk through the door, not that man made, but that God made. God has a Blessing with your name on it!”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES – Hosea 2:15, Revelation 3:8, Psalm 139:13-16, 1 Corinthians 16:9, Acts 14:27, Hosea 2:15.

Evangelist Joyce L. Rodgers is the founder and CEO of Primary Purpose Ministries, Inc., and serves COGIC on the international level, leading the Youth Department of the Church of God In Christ. The widely respected evangelist and speaker is also author of the book Fatal Distractions, which uncovers the roadblocks which can keep you from fulfilling your destiny. Born and raised in Gladewater, Texas, Evangelist Rodgers is a third generation daughter of the Church Of God In Christ. She is widely recognized as an unusually gifted communicator of the deep truths of God’s Word, which she blends with precision, humor and God’s anointing.

Follow Evangelist Joyce Rodgers on Twitter @MsJoyceLRodgers.

Please join us in prayer and fasting for the month of January: please CLICK HERE for the 2017 Consecration Calendar and Guidelines.

Hear the classic live 1994 performance of “Praise the Name of Jesus” by Tramaine Hawkins below:

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