Sunday Bulletin

The West Angeles Sunday Bulletin

Want to know what’s going on each Sunday at West Angeles Church? Have a look at the West Angeles Sunday Bulletin!

The Sunday Bulletin is a wealth of information. It includes Order of Service and instructions for worship. Included is the Sunday Hymn for those that like to sing along. You can also find the breakfast and dinner menu for the Crystal Room. In addition, service times for the entire week are available so families can plan ahead!

As you move forward through the bulletin, you’ll find the Scripture Reading for the day and the Prayer List for the week. The West Angeles Church Mission Statement is ever-present. There is a space to take notes from Bishop Blake’s sermon for those that wish to take the Word home with them on paper. You can also find more information on things such as Baby Dedications and Christian Education, and about how to get involved with the church and its programs, Lastly, there is information about important upcoming dates and updates on church-wide campaigns.

All the information that you need on a weekly basis is available in the West Angeles Sunday Bulletin! Check it out each week!