Youth Ministry Releases A Call to Action For Parents



Youth Ministry Director, Minister Donnie Briggs, writes an astounding call to action for Parents hoping to see a change in the lives of their children. Here’s a short excerpt with a link to the article below!

I see it every Sunday afternoon and Wednesday night, parent’s gathered on the playground, huddled in the multi-purpose room, or arriving and departing in vehicles like a N.A.S.C.A.R. driver entering and exiting “Pit Row”—all to retrieve their youth from service. Each time I find myself asking: “Why don’t they come in,
introduce themselves, or get involved?” While some parents may think parental involvement or influence in their child’s “youth church” is not a matter of great importance, the truth is parents have the most influence on and in the lives of their child….


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Title Shot

In an environment where work schedules, and student activities attempt
to dominate the home life, Youth Director, Donnie Briggs explains the
importance of parental involvement in teen spiritual development, and
having an active role in Youth Ministry.

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