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1976 or 1977 or so. Pastor Charles Blake Sr. had been serving as Pastor of West Angeles on 5th and Adams. 


To the north of the church was an apartment building that had come into a bit of disrepair and the property came up for sale. Pastor Charles Blake Sr. got a call from his friend Pastor EV Hill who sold him this property for next to nothing.

The greatest amount of growth that West Angeles experience was in the North Campus Sanctuary.


Bishop would preach a 7am service, then an 8:30am service, then a 10am service, then an 11:30am service all from the North Campus Sanctuary pulpit. The Spirit of the Lord and the Spirit of Praise would be just as high in the 11:30am service as it was in the 7am service and it would be even more off the chain in the Sunday Night Service!

From the shut ins, to the weddings, to the funerals, to the baby dedications. So many of us have lived so much life in the North Campus Sanctuary.


From 1945 God has brought us from so far. From Vermont, to Adams, to Central Blvd. , to Crenshaw and Jefferson Blvd., to Crenshaw and Exposition.

God brought us here to Crenshaw Blvd and Jefferson knowing he had further for us to go.


So we say goodbye to this place knowing that God has another place more suited for His purpose in our future. Although there will always be fondness in our hearts for the time we spent here we do not mourn because we can literally look right up the street and see what God has already done. We praise the Lord for this miracle on the way to the bigger miracle knowing that He has even more in store for as we go onward and upward. God Bless you West Angeles. 

                                     I LOVE YOU!


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